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Physicist and author Sabine Hossenfelder is probably most famous for being the bane of those who believe that physics should have an underlying mathematical beauty. But she is also a talented musician and video producer, as you can see in the above video.

It’s a riff on REM’s “It’s the end of the world as we know it” and there is a guest appearance by guitarist (and climate physicist) Tim Palmer. By the magic of green screen, he joins in from London and plays a nice guitar solo to boot.

And don’t worry, they both feel fine.

This might be the worst possible time to get people interested in research about strategies for finding a parking place. I had a dentist appointment (essential, of course) on Tuesday in the centre of Bristol and there were parking spots galore because of the COVID-19 lock down. But when things finally get back to normal and your find yourself circling your destination looking for a spot, Paul Krapivsky and Sidney Redner have some advice.

“The dilemma is whether to park far away, which should be easy, and then have a long walk to the destination, or drive close to the venue and then look for a good parking spot, which is likely to be hard”, they explain in the preprint, “Where should you park your car? The 1/2 rule”.

The preprint describes a strategy for finding a spot in a 1D carpark, which I suppose could be applied to parallel parking on a road.

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